Exhibition federation of Ukraine


About Federation

The Exhibition Federation of Ukraine

is an international non-governmental organization with individual and collective membership, which operates on the basis of principles of free-association and mutually shared interests and unites the Ukrainian and foreign nationals willing to achieve the EFU's statutory goals and objectives.

The goal of the EFU

consists in combining efforts of its members aimed at development of exhibition industry in Ukraine as well as fulfillment of their legitimate rights and common interests of social, economic, artistic and other nature.

The main objectives of the EFU's activities are defined in terms of:

Board of Federation

Mr. Olexandr Pashkevych President of the Exhibition Federation of Ukraine

Mr. Vladlen Timoshenko First Vice-President

Mr. Valeriy Beliy Vice-president

Mr. Volodymyr Ivanov Vice-president

Mr. Igor Kolgatin Vice-president

Mr. Igor Melnyk Member of the Board

Mr. Valerii Pekar Vice-president

Mr. Anatoliy Tkachenko Vice-president

Mr. Valentin Sokolovskyi Vice-president

Mr. Veniamin Farberov Vice-president

Mr. Vladislav Gil Member of the Board

Mr. Edwin Zadorozhnyi Member of the Board

Mrs. Irina Kebadze Member of the Board

Mr. Anatoliy Klymchuk Member of the Board

Mr. Olexandr Tigunov Member of the Board


The Highest Steering Body - Convention.

Secretariat Office
Address: Ukraine 01001, Kiev , POB no. 472,
phone/fax (044) 230-60-68

Executive Director - Mr. Volodymyr Ovcharek.

The Global Association
of the Exhibition Industry